Soul Transformation

Sole Transformation

Andromeda from ShutterstockNothing in life remains the same,

how boring that would be.

Today I recollect the times

of cherished memories.


The good I’ll keep to steep in love,

the bad relinquish with grace.

For every thought and every deed,

helped me keep my pace.


I’m near the end of this journey now,

but don’t shed tears of sadness.

My life is full of love and light;

that’s how Heaven happens.


The only things that cross with me

are memories of my own.

I understand that I will meet

Souls who’ve touched me on this road.


I’ll meet my teachers and hold them dear

for lessons they’ve bestowed.

Some were painful, some full of love,

but all served to make me whole.


So many cherished people

made this journey long before,

and many ever after

shall follow on their own.


If I could leave some wisdom

it would be in simple form.

Love, and share love deeply

with every soul you meet.

For love grows exponentially, and plants abundant seed.


Loucinda Sullivan

October 18, 2015



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