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Does a Virus Cause Breast Cancer in Women?

By Vera Gruessner

Now that National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has begun rippling through social media and the airwaves, we need to consider some real ways we can put an end to this disease. Instead of racing for the cure and the continued pursuit of early diagnosis, we need to look toward ways that prevent breast cancer from occurring and stop the malady in its tracks.

In our pursuit of breast cancer prevention, there are two main questions we need to answer:
1. Does a virus cause breast cancer in women?
2. Can we develop a safe and effective vaccine that prevents breast cancer in women?

In 1936, the scientist John Bittner asked this very question when he discovered the mouse mammary tumor virus. For nearly 80 years, this research has been sitting and collecting dust. More recently, however, a number of doctors found that the virus may be responsible for 40 to 75 percent of human breast cancers.

The most abominable part of this story is that this important research is still being largely ignored and left without nearly enough money for further trials. Did you know only 2 percent of all breast cancer research grant funding is spent on prevention?

Unfortunately, the healthcare system and guidance from the government has led to excessive focus on treatment and more treatment while prevention was left by the wayside. The work on tumor viruses was not encouraged as decades passed.

Dr. Harald Zur Hausen may be one of the first to have changed the standard way of thinking when he found that the human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer and developed the HPV vaccine.

It is time to complete the research behind the breast cancer virus. It is time to support the development of the preventive breast cancer vaccine from the Cleveland Clinic. It is time for a change.

In pursuit of some real change, the Breast Health and Healing Foundation has partnered with Soapbox Entertainment and They Say We Are Dreamers to create a film documentary detailing the breast cancer virus and Pink Vaccine. This documentary is called “The Pink Virus: A Pox on Us.”

However, in order to finish this film, we will need your help. We will not be asking for assistance from corporate sponsors. This project will be different from the pink merchandise you see lining store windows every October.

We are looking to crowdfund in order to complete the documentary. We will gather the funds $20 or $30 at a time but we will find the money necessary to finish our project. We need your help! You can assist us by either donating toward the cause or by sharing our film fundraiser with your family and friends. Our story needs to be told. You can help us tell it.

Click Here to Donate to the Pink Virus Documentary! 
Click Here to View a Trailer of the Documentary!

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