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Spring can’t get here soon enough this year.

Countdown Tulips webWe moved in minus nine-degree weather, shivering with the doors wide open while the movers hefted our belongings into a truck in the snow.

It’s not just me; the entire country has endured one of the harshest winters on record. Who else is ready for some warmer weather, and sunshine?

I have to admit I’ve been stalking local nurseries, driving slowly past gated, and chained storefronts, peering in at greenhouses full of colorful flowers and plush evergreens. Cabin fever has me delirious, longing for Spring bulbs that will soon splash our yards with colorful tulips, daffodils, and irises. I can almost smell the fragrant Hyacinths and dainty dianthus that will sooth me while I sip iced tea, and read a book while soaking up some vitamin D. Remember to apply sunscreen if you’re out for more than twenty minutes, though.

How much longer must we wait? A quick check of my calendar indicates Spring is only a week away! I’m elated! In fact, in makes me so happy I’ve arranged a Countdown to Spring with a one-week sale on my book, Hope, Inc.

This is how it works…
 March 14 & 15 Hope, Inc. will be available for just 99 cents on
March 16 & 17 buy it for only $1.99
March 18 & 19, the last two days before Spring grab a copy for $2.99

Once Spring arrives it goes to full price again, so hurry!

If you know someone who loves crime mysteries pass this along and let’s Countdown to Spring!


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