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Today I Awoke








The power of the sun roused the sky with beams of brilliant, dancing light

Trees sway in a gentle breeze, leaves dancing on bouncing branches

Birds chirping gleeful messages, bunnies bounce on fields of green

A hawk soars and dips, seeking a little nourishment.


Drink in the beauty of perfection

Even that which needs polishing

Perfect nature, perfect planet

Mankind. All perfect. Each, and every one.


Perfect lives, co-existing in harmonious, loving bliss

Brilliant minds

Open hearts

Sharing the beauty and abundance of the Earth, of life, and love


But, oh my broken heart!

What has man done to our beautiful Earth?

To his fellow men?

Even to the loving seed at his own core?


Dividing abundance with greed

Misconstruing self love for selfishness

Desiring power in place of unconditional love

Dominion over another – a travesty!


Only love can bring our world once again to balance

It’s love that lights the fields of abundance

Love that knows no selfish act

Love, that in its expansive state, actually does make the world go ‘round


So, I start today

One person, one act, one smile, one embrace

Sharing humble, loving kindness each day

For myself, for mankind, for the planet.

For love.


Cindy Sullivan


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